iGolf understands selecting a data provider is an important business decision. Below you can find information pertaining to use policies, data content, pricing arrangements and support. If you would like to receive additional information regarding iGolf Connect, please fill out the form in the Contact Support section. A support associate will get back to you as soon as possible. For urgent requests, contact support by email or phone during normal business hours.

What data can iGolf Connect deliver?

Golf course information such as address, phone number, rates, dress code and website. GPS data information including Front, Center and Back greenpoints along with up to 4 custom points per hole. Shape files that offer individual hole views for each course in the iGolf database. Each shape file has distance available for any point on the hole.

Which countries are supported by iGolf Connect?

Data available from the iGolf Connect system is worldwide. Areas that have the highest level of course coverage are: United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. New golf course listings, GPS courses and rendered course maps are added daily by the dedicated iGolf mapping team.

How does my application or platform request this data?

iGolf provides Connect partners with detailed API documentation to enable rapid integration. Documentation includes definitions of requests available, sample request structure and detailed summary on what content each request will return.

How much does it cost to integrate with iGolf Connect?

We deliver per request licensing and unlimited request models to support all sized groups. Per request licensing is offered on course listings, scorecards, simple GPS data and course maps data. The unlimited requests model activates trusted course GPS data across large golf and lifestyle brands. Specific pricing will be delivered upon completion of a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Will iGolf release viewers to display the course maps in our development?

iGolf is committed to deliver viewers to partners that utilize the premium course maps. If an outside group creates a proprietary viewer for their application then iGolf will support that integration effort to display the course maps. Expected viewers for release will be for iOS and Android only.