Connect partners receive access to detailed API documentation enabling rapid integration while providing enterprise-level scalability and redundancy using a cloud based architecture. Partners can choose between a per transaction fee or an unlimited model based on individual requirements.



  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Course contact data including address, phone number and course website

  • Detailed tee box information including tee name, color and yardages

  • Detailed scorecard information for yardage, par and handicap rating

  • Course slope and rating available for scoring calculation



  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Simple yardage for Front, Center and Back points on each green

  • Up  to 4 points per hole including water, bunkers and end of fairway.

  • Tee box center points for up to 5 tees per hole.


detailed course maps

  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Perimeter GeoData for fairways, greens, tee boxes and hazards

  • Advanced GeoData for trees and other obstacles (including size)

  • Customizable viewer library elements including fairways, greens and trees

  • Additional “custom” layers for drawing additional polygons, lines and points

  • Auto advance for one hole to the next and pace of play tracking


3d course maps

  • Over 20,000 unique golf courses mapped in the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia

  • Detailed elevation mapped and stored in our database for improved accuracy

  • Custom viewer library with detailed terrain mapping

  • 3D Hole by Hole Course Tours

  • 3D Perspective provides a 3D rendering of a golfers shot, from their perspective


additional web tools

  • Pace of Play tracking libraries

  • Guest Feedback WebForms


web viewer library

  • Customizeable style and color templates

  • 100% responsive design on the “easy to implement” iGolf process

  • 3D Hole by  Hole Course Tours